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Our Entrepreneurship Firm , aims to deliver high - end security solutions and training to students at the industrial level and corporate to prepare them to meet the challenges of IT Security Industry.

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Whether it's sending invoices, accepting payments or automatically charging clients, RetailCare helps you get your finances out of the way, so you can focus on the important stuff.

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We maintain high confidentiality of our clients and also provide 24*7 technical support and maintenance. We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions.

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Billing Features

It provides Auto Calculation of Levies, Bill Import / Export & Message on Bill, Multi Rate, Price List, Discount and Cash / Credit / Split Invoice & Challan.

Purchase Features

Various Reports & Remainder, Purchase Costing Comparison, Fix Sales Rates & Deals at the Time of Purchase.

Discount & Schemes

Data Wise Schemes, Quantity Based Rate & Discounts Various types of Schemes, Like A Item Free with B Item Etc.

Document Printing

Accounts Vouchers & Payment Advice, Debit Note/ Credit Note, Delivery Note, Goods Receipt Note & Dispatch Summary.

Fully User Invoicing

Tax Inclusive, Exclusive & MRP Billing Multiple–taxes in Single Invoice, Manufacturing or Trading Excise Invoice.

Taxation Reports / Registers

Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary Sales Tax Account Registers,Check List,Sales Tax Forms Receivable / Issuable & Reminders, Check List.


Data Security with Self Backup & Carbon Copy system, Auto recovery of Bill for unsaved bill due to Power Off, Any Report Printing from anywhere.

Financial Accounting

Outstanding Reports and Analysis.Funds Planning, Voucher Approval System,Interest Calculation & Bank Re-conciliation.

Inventory Management

Brand, Group & Category Wise Inventory,Batch / MRP / Size / Shade / Reference / Serial No. Wise Inventory,Item Wise Gross Profit.

Gst Info

GST Tax Advantages :

Free Movement of goods

Eliminating CST(Central Sales Tax) plus other state entry taxes, free movement of goods across the country will be enabled with the help of IGST. This means that businesses will be able to sell more in other states, helping the logistics sector save around $200 billion annually.

Reduced costs

By applying a single tax, the cost of goods will go down. Businesses will benefit from reducing this tax burden and consumers will enjoy cheaper products. GST tax is beneficial because it only applies to value addition and removes tax cascading.

Easier tax compliance

The simplified tax structure results in reducing the hassle filling tax forms by merchants. All aspects from registration for GSTIN to filing monthly tax returns and payments will be managed through the online GST portal.

Simplified tax collection

With less tax laws, there will be less intervention from tax authorities. GST will combine all current tax departments and authorities into one, hopefully bringing more transparency.

Reduced Excise Duty Exemptions

The government loses around Rs.3.1 lakh crore due to excise duty exemptions. With GST, the number of exemptions offered by the government is expected to lower, thus minimizing the loss.

Easy way to manage your Retail or Point Of Sales Software

About RetailCare

An increase in the efficiency of the various aspects incorporated in retail industry through the use of retail management software boosts the efficiency of retail companies to increase revenue. Retail Care has the capacity to reduce the costs, create extra revenue and to streamline as well as optimizing business processes. These systems also offer lots of solutions from POS to logistics, Loyalty to e-commerce, customer services and much more.

RetailCare Management Software

when you choose to use retail management software to manage your retail stores, manage your warehouses as well as your business sites,you will save both time and money.

Modern Framework

The systems are able to reflect your entire business history through the use of reporting and management tools which are very accurate. .

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In today's scenario with the increasing inventory it is very difficult to keep a count of all stocks and accounts. It is also difficult to remember debtors and creditors and its outstanding's. Computerization is the only way to keep a track of inventory and accounting.

When the staff comes to know that the store is computerized and the owner has all the knowledge of stocks and cash, the chances of pilferage's reduces drastically. The best example is when in a store sign board of "You are under CC TV surveillance" is mentioned then there are very few chances of people doing any mischief's. There is a general thought in owners mind that almost 3-4% stocks are pilfer aged, with the help of computerization this 3-4% can be saved.

Yes surely, with the help of computerization speed of billing increases by many folds and the customer now-a-days has more faith in computerized bill as the general thought is that if the bill is computerized then the rates and the products they are buying are genuine.

RetailCare is India's one of the most leading integrated software companies with trade specific software solution for Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Supply Chain, Retail Chain & Erp. RetailCare has various setups to customize the software it according to your requirements.We have 150 plus satisfied customers with the help of our highly skilled global workforce consisting more than 77% Repeat Business services and 200+ Projects in 10 Different Domains.

if sales man place the order through e order so there is no need for manual punching. You need not come office for order punching. Salesman not to depend on the office for real time information. Like shortage, stock and clients outstanding. Salesman can also track his order status.

Our support team strives to solve all your problems in less than 24 h. You can chat with us during business hours straight from the app (look for the chat button in the lower right corner of your screen), send an email at or give us a call on any of the numbers +91- 9990613366. For the quickest answers, you can also check our in app knowledge base by clicking on the button which says “CONTACT US” on the right hand side of the screen..

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